Camellia japonica – The Winter Rose

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After the Camellia sasanqua has flowered in autumn, the Camellia japonica takes centre stage in winter. When everything else in the garden is dull, the Camellia japonica adds splashes of pink, red, white and mixed or variegated colours. For the remaining months of the year, these shapely, hardy evergreen shrubs, boast glossy foliage and are […]

The History of Beaumont in South Africa – Part 2

Len, Amorentia, Beaumont

PART 2 of the Beaumont History – In 1971 and again in 1975, Prof Dick Hamilton visited Len in South Africa to select which cultivars he would send to South Africa to test in trial blocks. This was an important exercise in determining suitable cultivars for various regions. Len and the Prof travelled to Malawi, […]

Beaumont Macadamia Cultivar

Macadamia Propagation, Amorentia

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