Amorentia Nursery, Zambia.

Our Zambian partner is Roger Monge, he has 12 years of experience in Agriculture (livestock, cropping and aquaculture) and has experience in large scale irrigation projects. The Monge Family has resided in Zambia for over 50 years in the South of Lusaka. The Family skills rang from Mechanical engineering, Horticulture and landscaping which will all be leveraged towards the successful undertaking of the Zambian Nursery. The property is perfectly located, 30 km south of the Capital city of Lusaka which creates markets access the through the major networks in Zambia.

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Politsi Valley

TEL:+27 74 146 3420
TEL: +27 76 705 6199

Tuesday – Friday 7am – 5pm

Saturday & Sunday – Closed

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