How to take care of your Dragon fruit plant

Dragon fruit is an exotic fruit that is popular for its strange appearance and numerous health benefits all over the world. There are over 140 species of dragon fruit, and USFDA declared it as a super fruit due to its rich nutrient content and benefits. It is a highly sought after fruit in the food industry for its bright colour and kiwi like texture. Unlike Amorentia Sweet Dragon Fruit, most Dragon Fruit is bland tasting. Amorentia Sweet Dragon Fruit has unique varieties that are Super Sweet

Its green scaly spikes are eye-catching and resemble dragon scales hence the name Dragon Fruit. Its flesh with tiny black seeds makes it gorgeous. It is uncomplicated to grow and it starts to produce fruit in one to two years.
How to take care of your dragon fruit tree? Let’s get into it!
Proper support:

Dragon fruit is a climbing cactus and as such, wherever you plant in to must have a pole for support.


A Ph of 6.5 – 7 with a high % of organic matter is favourable. Soil with good nutritional content proves to keep diseases at bay.


Remember, Dragon fruit is a jungle cactus and needs more water and food than a desert variety – but it is still a cactus. Wet root systems in low light situations can become detrimental to your plant very quickly.


Your plant needs good light, and in most indoor situations won’t burn from heat and/or light.


Dragon fruit can burn quickly, therefore water management is essential in hot spells.


Protect them from birds and bats. You can keep your dragon fruit safe by using the bird netting.


If the spots appear on the leaves and stems of your dragon fruit plant, this could be an indication of infection. This plant is prone to a bacterial infection that leads to stem decay. But in most cases, plants will fight with the spots themselves. There are several fungal infections which can be prevented through the correct soil health.


Prune cladodes that are done producing fruit after harvest to regenerate the growth for the new season’s fruit production.

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