The word Bonsai means to ‘plant in a pot’!

The art itself, of creating a Bonsai, is careful, precise artistry, where trees are dwarfed in a controlled manner, to replicate the appearance of their older and larger siblings. 

The creation, caring-for and keeping of a Bonsai, embodies some of Japan’s most ancient cultures and philosophies, within the spirit of so many layered artforms. 

We at Bonsais of Amorentia, offer a Bonsai owner just the beginning of life-long friendship and bonding, with a living replica in the form of a mini-tree, which over time, has helped cultivate Japanese aesthetics. 

Correctly cared for, fed, pruned, and occasionally repotted, your Bonsai of Amorentia can live with you for your lifetime. 

There are few greater pleasures in life, than owning a Bonsai.