How to cut and eat dragon fruit?

The pitaya or dragon fruit is an oval-shaped fruit with bright pink skin about 1cm thick. Dragon fruit comes from a seizing cactus-like plant. Dragon fruit can weigh up to 1 kg. Its white flesh has many crunchy and edible black seeds. It is a fruit with a sweet and smooth taste that is eaten fresh and goes well with fruit salads. In this guide, you will learn how to cut and eat dragon fruit.

TIP: To get the most of its vitamins and all of its health benefits: Eat raw dragon fruit.

How to prepare a dragon fruit?

Amorentia Sweet Dragon fruit is easy to prepare despite its strange and hardy appearance. You just need to cut the fruit into quarters or slices, peel it and use the pulp. If you are hungry and want an even faster solution, cut it in half and eat the soft pulp by simply digging with a teaspoon.

Another way is just cut the base of the pitaya with a knife, and then make three notches on the pink flesh before you can easily remove it with your fingers.

Thus recover the white, red or pink flesh of the dragon fruit, and all that remains is to taste it. You can eat it on its own to enjoy its sweet and tasty flesh, or accompany it with other fruits for a delicious and tasty fruit salad.

The vibrant color and the unique texture will allow you to dry it and use it for decoupage as an inedible decoration in dishes.

TIP: Pitaya is a super fruit to be consumed fresh. It is ripe if its texture is soft but firm to the touch. It’s ideal when the pulp can be easily removed from the peel which, remember, is absolutely not edible.

3 Other ways to enjoy dragon fruit

  • Naturally Cool – To enjoy all the cool refreshing flavour of the pitaya first place the dragon fruit into the refrigerator for a period of more than 3 hours. Once cold, cut the dragon fruit in half and eat its delicious and candid pulp, with the help of a teaspoon. In this way, its rather solid skin will act as a convenient container.
  • In drinks – You can use pitaya for the preparation of smoothies and cocktails. One juicy drink, in particular, called pitahaya water, manages to enhance the natural taste of this fruit, due to a mix of lemon and sugar. The flavour of the dragon fruit will be greatly enhanced, especially if you prefer a sour aftertaste. You can make a truly delicious smoothie by mixing pitaya, banana, blueberries and milk or, alternatively, yoghurt and almond milk. The delicious variants can be peanut butter, toasted almonds or fruit, in addition, to be put the whole.
  • As for dessert – You can prepare a tasty dessert from dragon fruit after a meal. Take kiwi, dragon fruit, mango and pineapple and cut them into squares. Thread these fruit squares on wooden skewers and cook them on the grill or in the microwave oven. Sprinkle with icing sugar and voilà, your dragon fruit dessert is ready. 
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