Macadamia Tree Nursery

Macadamia Tree Nursery

We offer land-preparation, orchard development and planting-out advice as a value-added service to all our macadamia tree growers.

SGASA Accredited Macadamia Tree Nursery

Amorentia Macadamia Tree nursery has nearly 50 years of experience in macadamia tree and macadamia orchard development, we offer our growers invaluable advice and value-added service. We make every effort to stay ahead by utilising the latest technology in macadamia tree propagation.

As a result of our plant improvement scheme, only high yielding macadamia trees remain in our mother- blocks. Our strict selection of mother-material ensures even growth in the orchards with potentially high yielding trees, giving our growers the best possible start to their macadamia development. It also means that for all modern cultivars, we control 100% of our plant propagation process. In our booming macadamia industry, first generation Amorentia macadamia mother-material is highly sought after.


Macadamia Tree Nursery

Cultivar Selection

Cultivar Selection is a vitally important question when developing your Macadamias on any scale. Micro-climates can produce surprising results so trials in new areas are always advisable.

Below is an over view of the most popular cultivars.

Macadamia Tree Nursery Gallery

Macadamia Tree Availability

Grafted Seedlings​

  • A4, 791, 816, 814, 842, 849
  • Available late 2022
  • R56 per tree

Vegetatively propagated clonal rooted-cuttings

  • Fully grown tree, ready to be planted in the orchard
  • Beaumont
  • Available late 2021
  • R56 per tree
  • A4, 791
  • Available late 2021
  • R56 per tree

Micro plants

  • Dispatched in their plastic cup making it ideal for large orders and export. (To be grown on by the farmer into an orchard-ready tree size)
  • All Available late 2020
  • Beaumont
  • A4
  • 791
  • 816
  • All R42 per tree