How to Plant a Macadamia Tree

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A quick video guide with useful information to ensure better results from your Macadamia plantings.

The History of Beaumont in South Africa – Part 3

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Part 3 Macadamia growers (especially those who are new to Macadamia farming) often question the differences between the root systems of vegetative clonal rooted-cuttings (VPs) versus seedling rootstocks. The answer is simple; VPs will produce a more even orchard due to the consistency of genetics and they offer a superior root-system when propagated by superior […]

Plant more Macadamias Trees

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Amorentia Macadamia Nursery hosts a memorable Orchard management workshop  On Tuesday the 11th of September 2018, Amorentia Macadamia Nursery hosted an Orchard Management workshop which was attended by nearly 60 farmers. The day kicked off at 9 am with a visit to Chris Dando’s farm. Philip Lee and Stephan Schoeman, two renowned and experienced Macadamia […]

The History of Beaumont in South Africa

John H Beaumont, Len, Amorentia

There is a reason why Beaumont (HAES 695) has become the clear leader in cultivar choice in South Africa. A deeper look into the history of the cultivar explains why this is so and why Amorentia Macadamia Nursery chooses to produce hundreds of thousands of Beaumont trees each year. During the 1930s, thousands of Macadamia cultivars […]

The humorous story of how Len got Beaumont into South Africa

Len, Amorentia

In 1968 I attended a Citrus symposium in Riverside near Los Angeles Calif. I met some Australians and immediately asked them all about Macadamias. We organised a “Macadamia Trip” and Bill Storey took a small group of 4 or 5 to meet the California Macadamia Society. This was in about October of 1968. The Aussies […]

Macadamia Tree Pruning

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Amorentia Estate and Amorentia Macadamia Nursery hosted a macadamia tree pruning training day this week. One of our growers requested that we run the session to help train his staff. The day was a great success and they all left with a wealth of knowledge. Young macadamia tree training and mature macadamia tree pruning is […]

Macadamia Propagation

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Established mother material 45 years macadamia propagation experience. Amorentia macadamia nursery boasts the most established mother material in the industry – mother trees have been monitored and improved for 20 years and counting. Start your macadamia development with the very best mother material for the greatest high yield potential. Call Lauren – 079 145 8864 […]

Macadamia trees, Deerpark, Limpopo

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Beaumont Macadamia Trees Letsitele

Beaumont trees

Amorentia’s Macadamia Trees protected by hail netting.

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