Could dragon fruit become one of the most sought after super fruits worldwide?

Read the original article on Fresh Plaza. Even though the South African dragon fruit industry is relatively young, the fruit as we know it today has been produced commercially since 1990 in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, China, Israel, California and Central America.  Grown in tropical and subtropical regions of the world, the plantings […]

How to cut and eat dragon fruit?

How to cut and eat dragon fruit?

The pitaya or dragon fruit is an oval-shaped fruit with bright pink skin about 1cm thick. Dragon fruit comes from a seizing cactus-like plant. Dragon fruit can weigh up to 1 kg. Its white flesh has many crunchy and edible black seeds. It is a fruit with a sweet and smooth taste that is eaten […]

What are the Nutritional facts Facts of Dragon Fruit?

What are the Nutrition Facts of Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit is also known as strawberry pear or pitaya. So what are the Nutritional Facts of Dragon Fruit? It is a tropical fruit that looks like something found in a book of Dr Seuss: It is a pink/ reddish oval with green spiky scales on the outside while inside, it contains white, pink or […]

Picking and preparing Sweet India dragon fruit

How to pick and prepare Sweet India dragon fruit. The old, Dragon Fruit selections, better known to consumers, are mostly bland to taste and leave the consumer largely disillusioned with this remarkable fruit. The trademarked Amorentia Sweet Dragon Fruit (ASDF) cultivars are delicious and sweet and, they leave consumers exited and wanting more! Planting these […]

Maluma Day 2020

Maluma Day 2020

Maluma Day 11-13 March 2020 Amorentia Sweet Dragon Fruit (ASDF) took a taste sensation to the delegates at the Maluma Day this year. Serving fresh, sliced Dragon fruit and Dragon fruit smoothies, the ASDF team had people coming back for more and more and more. This growing season has been an exciting one for all […]

Don’t be a Dragon Slayer

One can understand the sometimes strange reasons why we call things by the names that we do, when we look into the folklore of the day and the stories that have been passed down generation to generation. To someone who has never seen or tasted a Pitaya, hearing the word “Dragon Fruit” for the first […]

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