Macadamia Development

Don’t let anyone tell you that you won’t get the required yields from a Macadamia Development in more marginal growing areas / climates.

These photos are from a farm in Letsitele; an area commonly known for its suitability to citrus due to high heat stress. Just look at the crop on these young trees. The statistics are 2.6 tons WIS was harvested from the 4.5-year-old trees.

Amorentia Nursery has been propagating Macadamia trees for nearly 50 years. We love farm visits, because seeing the production on the trees, only further confirms our incredible genetic material. Macadamia development is a long-term investment; therefore, you must start off your development with the best genetic material. As a result of our plant improvement scheme, only high yielding macadamia trees remain in our mother- blocks. Our strict selection of mother-material ensures even growth in the orchards with potentially high yielding trees, giving our growers the best possible start to their macadamia development. It also means that for all modern cultivars, we control 100% of our plant propagation process. In our booming macadamia industry, first generation Amorentia macadamia mother-material is highly sought after.

Luckily for all developers, we have Macadamia trees available immediately. Keep an eye out on the upcoming posts to see which cultivars are on offer.

We have trees available for the upcoming 2022/2023 planting season. Contact us to order your trees. 076 705 6199 or 074 146 3420.

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