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With nearly 50 years of experience in macadamia tree and macadamia orchard development, Amorentia Estate & Nursery offer our growers invaluable advice and value-added service. We make every effort to stay ahead by utilising the latest technology in macadamia tree propagation.

Amorentia propagates a selection of plants which have more recently been imported. These are a new generation of deliciously Sweet, red, pink and white fleshed Dragon Fruit.

In March 2016, we established an Avocado Nursery with the capacity for 70,000 trees.

We offer seedling rootstocks which will be grafted either in the nursery or the orchard to any modern cultivar.

Amorentia Ornamental Nursery is a wholesale nursery which specialises in the production of Camellias, Gardenias and Azaleas.


Our Roots

Amorentia Estate & Nursery is situated on the north-eastern escarpment of the Limpopo Province of South Africa, 25km outside the town of Tzaneen, in the Politsi valley.

Amorentia Estate and Nursery
Macadamia Tree Nursery

Our Mission

To grow and produce subtropical fruit and nuts for the export and local markets and to perpetuate and promote their propagation, production and expansion on the subcontinent of Africa, by employing farming methods which are sustainable, carbon sensitive and retain environmental consciousness; this to include the training, employment and transfer of Amorentia’s intellectual capital to empower local communities in the various countries to where our influence reaches.

Social Responsibility

Howard donated a section of Amorentia Estate to the Government for the establishment of a school. The school was built and opened late 1983. To this day it remains one of the best rural schools in the province with over 100 children between the ages of 7 and 13 attending.

Amorentia Estate, Bird
Amorentia Estate and Nursery

Amorentia Estate & Nursery

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