The 2019 Joburg International Flower Show promises to be blooming marvellous


The Johannesburg International Flower Show is on at Waterfall City from October 30 to November 3. (republished from Sunday Times) Image: Supplied Whether you are a floral design fundi, a green-fingered gardener or you wish to soak up the sun and enjoy a day out, the Johannesburg International Flower Show is aimed at everyone. It offers […]



When Secrets Remain Secret Walking past a Gardenia shrub as the sun bids the gardener thanks and farewell, the intoxicating and exotic fragrance of the gardenia flower lingers on and seers the sweet scent on their soul forevermore! Chanel, Nina Ricci, Jovan, Yves Rocher and countless other perfumers have fragrances and perfumes inspired by the […]

Azalea Indica, Magenta & Alba


 More Wonderful Garden Delights Surely one of the most breath-taking delights of any garden must be gazing upon a bank of azaleas in full bloom!  Rhododendrons, the family to which the azalea belong, are one of the more prolific flowering shrubs you could grace your garden with.  Colours ranging from a deep magenta, through to […]

Camellia japonica – The winter Rose


Camellia japonica – The winter Rose After the Camellia sasanqua has flowered in autumn, the Camellia japonica takes centre stage in winter. When everything else in the garden is dull, the Camellia japonica adds splashes of pink, red, white and mixed or variegated colours. For the remaining months of the year, these shapely, hardy evergreen […]