Thlalefa Combined School Christmas Party

The children of Thlalefa Combined School celebrated their annual Christmas party on Thursday, 21 November. The energy was electric. The learners from both Thlalefa school and Politsi Primary School, sang Christmas carols to welcome guests from Unicorn Preparatory School and Amorentia Estate and Nursery. Thlalefa School’s principal, Mrs Rose Matome, ran the proceedings, welcoming the […]

Macadamia Tree Pruning

Macadamia Tree Nursery

Amorentia Estate and Amorentia Macadamia Nursery hosted a macadamia tree pruning training day this week. One of our growers requested that we run the session to help train his staff. The day was a great success and they all left with a wealth of knowledge. Young macadamia tree training and mature macadamia tree pruning is […]

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Macadamia Nursery, Amorentia

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