Thlalefa Combined School Christmas Party

The children of Thlalefa Combined School celebrated their annual Christmas party on Thursday, 21 November. The energy was electric. The learners from both Thlalefa school and Politsi Primary School, sang Christmas carols to welcome guests from Unicorn Preparatory School and Amorentia Estate and Nursery.

Thlalefa School’s principal, Mrs Rose Matome, ran the proceedings, welcoming the children as the guests of honour. Visitors were entertained by three pupils from Grade 3 reading from their favourite English books and the Grade 7 class’ innovative Nativity Play.

This year, the children each received a brand-new pair of shoes, which sparked excitement throughout the student body, and everyone enjoyed refreshments afterwards.

The event was a great success, and special thanks are in order to Unicorn Preparatory School for donating the shoes to whole of Thlalefa combined school. Thanks go to Amorentia, Forest Gold, Muller Farm, Fruit Farm Group, Merensky Timbers, Roma Fuel and Blinkwater Mills for the shoes for Politsi Primary and the party snacks and refreshments.

Each one of these special organizations contributed to making the day possible.