Dragon Fruit Smoothy Recipe

Amorentia propagates a selection of plants which have more recently been imported. These are a new generation of deliciously Sweet, red, pink and white fleshed Dragon Fruit.

Picking and preparing Sweet India dragon fruit

How to pick and prepare Sweet India dragon fruit. The old, Dragon Fruit selections, better known to consumers, are mostly bland to taste and leave the consumer largely disillusioned with this remarkable fruit. The trademarked Amorentia Sweet Dragon Fruit (ASDF) cultivars are delicious and sweet and, they leave consumers exited and wanting more! Planting these […]

Grow your own edible garden

Amorentia offer a range of fruit trees and herbs Tamarillo Perennisal Basil Blueberries Litchis Coffee Ginger Galangal Granadilla Black Pepper Turmeric Catawba Grapes Sweet Dragon Fruit 5 Reasons to grow your own food 1- Retain nutritional value 2- Keeps you active 3- Absorb Vitamin D 4- Save money 5- It’s better for the environment Tips […]