Amorentia Kuza Nursery, Tanzania.

Kuza was established in 2017 to commercially produce and trade avocados and other crops for the international market. Kuza has an established strong network within Tanzania and is currently working with over 20,000 small scale avocado farmers who produce Hass avocados from a combined estimated 4,000 ha in the Southern parts of Tanzania. The majority of Hass avocado trees for the small-scale growers were produced in the Kuza owned nursery in the Rungwe District in Tanzania.

The shareholders and directors of Kuza have over 15 years of experience in establishing and grafting seedlings for both avocado and macadamia trees. Kuza has a very strong and experienced team overseeing all activities in a large nursery in the Rungwe District in Tanzania with currently over 600,000 avocado and coffee seedlings. 20 different varieties of macadamias have been trialled in Rungwe. Data on 8-year-old yields is available.

General Enquiries 

Politsi Valley

TEL:+27 74 146 3420
TEL: +27 76 705 6199

Tuesday – Friday 7am – 5pm

Saturday & Sunday – Closed

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