Amorentia Hatwara Nursery, Kenya.

Kenya Nut Company is the oldest Macadamia enterprise in Kenya, which was established in 1972, exactly 1 year before Amorentia Nursery was established. There were numerous recognizable synergies between KNC and Amorentia.

KNC is known for its direct involvement in developing today’s specific Kenyan Macadamia selections.  As a result of this exciting merge, our Kenyan Satellite Nursery, Hatwara Amorentia Nursery, has been established at the current KNC Macadamia Nursery in Thika, Kenya.

General Enquiries 

Politsi Valley

TEL:+27 74 146 3420
TEL: +27 76 705 6199

Tuesday – Friday 7am – 5pm

Saturday & Sunday – Closed

Detailed Enquiries

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